Perinatal Medicine (Also known as Fetal-Maternal Medicine) is a subspecialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology and the perinatologist is a physician that works in conjunction with a patient’s obstetrician when pregnancy complications develop and is able to provide care for both the mom and unborn baby.  It’s dealing with the high risk pregnancies and in another words the pregnancies which needs special care, diagnosis and treatment. Predicting, prevention and timely diagnosis and treatment of the problem which is the case. This special care could be for the mother or the unborn baby as a intrauterine fetal treatment medically or surgically as an intervention.
Main goal is to make the diagnosis in time and the treatment or intervention in utero if necessary Otherwise the fetus could be jeopardized or died in the womb. Also another assingment is that to make diagnosis which no need to make any intrauterine intervention. Main goal is to have healthy individuals and generations fort he future.

‘’Healthy Life Begins in the Mother’s Womb”.